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Questions and answers about our service

Is your service free??

That's right - you can view information and photos of the Armenian Orthodox churches in Armenia you are interested in absolutely free of charge, find accommodation nearby and air tickets.

Do you conduct pilgrimage tours?

Not yet, but we are working on it. We plan to make several tours of the ancient churches of Armenia - as soon as we finish preparing, we will definitely tell you about them on our website. Follow the news.

How can I find a hotel near the temple?

On the page of each temple there is a map where the nearest hotels and inns are marked - click on any object to get more detailed information about it. You can also search in the "Hotels" section - select the region of Armenia you are interested in, view the available options.

What to do if good tickets were found on your service, but the information on the airline's website has changed?

Unfortunately, you will have to purchase these tickets or look for other more suitable ones. We try to be accurate, but flights change quickly - since we are not selling, we cannot guarantee that prices are accurate.

Can I write a review?

Of course - if you wish, you can leave your opinion and post photos of the churches in Armenia that you visited. To do this, select the desired object and click on the "Leave a review" button - we will check and publish it.

Who should I contact if I have any questions?

Send questions on the use of our service by email, for housing - to its owners using the contacts indicated on the apartment page, for air tickets - to company representatives.

Making holy places more accessible

With the help of our service, it is easy to plan a pilgrimage tour to the churches, temples and cathedrals of Armenia. Thanks to high-quality descriptions, photographs and traveler reviews, you will quickly find places that are of interest to you. If you want, you can immediately book accommodation nearby and cheap flights.

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