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The Vicarial Church of Surb Sarkis in Yerevan is one of the main shrines of Armenia, erected in 1842 in honor of the patron saint of all lovers. The temple bears the name of the commander who performed many deeds and died along with his own son and fourteen brave soldiers for the Christian faith.

It is believed that Saint Sarkis invariably brings the prayers of loving hearts to the Almighty. Therefore, the church is visited by many parishioners and tourists – the place is included in almost all excursion programs in Yerevan.

The Church of St. Sarkis is also interesting from the point of view of architecture: it was originally built in the traditional Armenian style, the interior and exterior decoration was extremely laconic. The believers did not like this, because it did not correspond to the status of the temple, which is why it was repeatedly reconstructed. In the period from 1971 to 2000, the cladding was performed with orange tuff and triangular niches were added, the dome was replaced with a higher one, and the bell tower was erected.

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Surb Sarkis Church is located in Armenia – the city of Yerevan, st. Rafael Israelyan, 21. There are three metro stations next to it – Zoravar Andranik, Republic Square and Marshal Baghramyan


Phone number: +374-10-58-57-13

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